Group Medical Visits

Group Medical Visits

Group medical visits help patients with the same illness or condition come together with one physician. These visits include group education and interaction, as well as many of the same services of an individual patient visit, including collection of vital signs, updating health information and physical exams. These types of group visits are managed by physicians and specialists, and are meant to maximize the patient’s and the physician’s time and resources by addressing a direct medical need.


A group visit enables multiple patients to be seen as a group for routine or follow-up care. Patients will not only have access to a physician, but also will have the benefit of counseling (diet, exercise, behavior) with a medical specialist.  Another benefit of the group visit is for patients to come together and share their experiences and help to support one another.  Topics such as medication, lifestyle, stress, or resources may be discussed by the patients and facilitated by a medical specialist.

Patients can benefit from group visits because they can work together and create action-plans for positive behavior change. Each group visit provides a sense of accountability, but also support and compassion from those experiencing similar circumstances.

We know that this may be relatively new to some patients, so these types of visits are voluntary and you will always have individual medical appointments as needed.  Group visits are documented just like any other medical appointment and you will have access to a number of specialists throughout the session.


In order for a group visit to be covered by insurance, the participant must be a patient of Family Care Partners. The group visit must be scheduled and related to a specific medical condition or disease. The groups must also meet in a specific room or facility where there are appropriate staff members there to facilitate the group. If you are interested in enrolling in a group visit, please ask your physician.



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